Better Energy Communities

Better Energy Communities is our national retrofit initiative with grant support of up to €20 million each year. We support new approaches to achieving energy efficiency in Irish communities. Upgrades can take place across building types to reduce energy use and costs throughout the community. We aim to deliver energy savings to homeowners, communities, and private sector organisations. All projects should be community oriented with a cross sector approach, and you must show that you can sustainable finance the proposed project. The application process is now open.

What We Fund

Measures supported – This list outlines the types of measures we want to support through the Communities grant programme.

Building Fabric Upgrades
Technology and System upgrades
Integration of Control Systems
Integration of renewable energy sources
Domestic Combined Fabric Upgrade
Single Building Demonstration projects will be considered under the Communities Grant.
We do not support projects without demonstrated community benefits. We also do not support projects with single elements, renewable elements only, auditing projects, (eg M&V requirements), Monitoring only projects. Homes constructed after 2006 can not be included.


Projects Supported – Successful Community projects must demonstrate some or all of the following characteristics.

Community benefits
Multiple elements, not a single focus
Mix of sustainable solutions
A clear road map
Innovation and project ambition
Justified energy savings
An ability to deliver the project


Partnership and Time-frames

PartnershipPartnership is essential for a successful application. You should seek partnership from organisations that fall into the eligible categories. These partnerships can be assisted by SEAI if required. Innovative and pioneering partnerships between sectors are encouraged. This might include collaborations between public and private sectors, residential and non-residential sectors, commercial and not-for-profit organisations, or financing entities and energy suppliers. Projects that are part of a larger energy efficiency project or that engage with other SEAI programmes are welcome.


Time-frameThe application process is now open. The programme is run annually through a competitive process. Once applications are closed, we then review what projects will be supported under the scheme. Please contact us directly for more information or if you wish to apply.


You may be entitled to free cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home – saving you money and keeping you more comfortable.


You may be entitled to free attic insulation. Attic insulation helps keep warm air from rising through the roof of your home – reducing your heating costs and making the indoor environment more comfortable throughout the year.


Proper ventilation allows fresh air to enter your home without compromising heat loss. You may be entitled to free wall and roof ventilation along with cavity wall and attic insulation.