Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme Process


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Midland Warmer Homes provides a FREE home insulation service to assist homes at risk of, or in fuel poverty. The scheme is targeted at people living in owner occupied, non-Local Authority homes constructed before 2006, Midland Warmer Homes accept applications from qualifying householders who meet the following criteria for the BEWHS.

The criteria to be eligible to apply for the Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme are:

a. One owner occupied home – non Local Authority Home
b. House was constructed before 2006
c. The applicant is in receipt of one of the following qualifying allowances:
i. Fuel Allowance
ii. Single Parent Payment
iii. Job-seekers allowance for more than 6 months with a child under seven years of age
iv. Working Parent Family Payment
v. Domiciliary Care allowance
vi. Careers Allowance and living with the person you care for

Proof of home ownership for the applicant or their spouse is also a requirement for the scheme, acceptable documentary proof of home ownership may be any of the following:
A copy of your home Insurance policy (not a quote)
A copy of your Mortgage Statement
The title deeds to your property
Your Local Property Tax notification letter, supported by a utility bill.
* If relevant, the following
A Photocopy of your child’s birth certificate
A Carers Allowance Confirmation form completed and stamped by a DEASP official.

The application on the SEAI Application form , together with proof of ownership, are then forwarded to the SEAI Team at Fexco for verification before they are processed and allocated a qualifying WH – reference number, which is assigned to Midland Warmer Homes. The qualifying applicant is logged on the SEAI BEWHS database following verification of the applicants details, and a survey is then allocated to KSN Energy to assess what energy efficient works, if any can be installed.

KSN will arrange an appointment with the applicant to visit the house to survey the house, and to assess what energy efficient works if any can be installed in the house. Following this survey a Works Order is uploaded to the SEAI database for the applicant, once approved.

Once a Works Order is uploaded, the house is then re-assigned to Midland Warmer Homes to install the energy efficient measures to the house.

Midland Warmer Homes’ in-house surveyor, will after receiving the works order for works to the applicants house, will make contact with the homeowner to arrange an appointment to view the house, and to confirm the works which have been approved by KSN. Information gathered from this survey will be cross checked with the information gathered originally from KSN, which has been uploaded onto the system together with any photographs and diagrams, and any changes will be varied prior to works commencing.

Having developed a works order through the SEAI database, and received approval from KSN if required, the works required are assessed, discussed and allocated to the work crews through the Crew Leader for works. Midland Warmer Homes has a dedicated crew for each process of the retrofit. This ensures that responsibility for the quality standard of the works carried out is born by the crew involved. Records are kept of all homes addressed and the crew members involved in the retrofit, this leads to total transparency of all works carried out, both for Midland Warmer Homes and for the applicant in the event of a complaint.

A ventilation works sheet is provided to the work crew outlining the number, location and type of vents to be installed. The crew visit the home by appointment to install the ventilation measures required prior to the installation of the insulation measures. These ventilation measures can include a combination of roof/soffit vents in advance of attic insulation. Proprietary (permanently open) vents, background (controllable) vents, and mechanical extract vents in advance of cavity wall insulation. The crew records the number and type of vents used on the work order provided and make notes of any variations encountered during works.

Midland Warmer Homes is an NSAI registered bonded bead cavity wall insulation installer; our NSAI Scheme Registration Number is IAB 0334345. Having prepared the home for retrofit insulation works by providing adequate ventilation, the next step in the process as provided by Midland Warmer Homes is Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation if required. The works sheet is provided to the cavity wall insulation crew outlining the details of the property to be pumped. Details included are areas to be filled, type of fill full or partial (empty cavity/cavity with some insulation already present), batch numbers for the glue and bead in use, flues, access issues etc. The installation is carried out and a certificate of guarantee to cover a 25 year period from the date of installation together with the front and last page of the NSAI Agreement Board Certificate is provided to the householder. The crew record the volume of bead and glue used and make note of any variations encountered during the installation.

Cavity wall insulation if required is carried out in advance of attic insulation for the reason that sometimes there may be an over-spill of bonded bead into the attic space which is not allowed under the rules of the BEWHS, this can be identified and removed by the attic crew upon arrival before they commence in the attic. The appointment having been made with the householder, the work crew is provided with a works sheet detailing the works to be carried out in the attic, depth of insulation required, cold water tank jackets required, amount of pipe insulation required, length of walkway required etc. The crew records all materials used during the works and makes note of any variations encountered.

External Wall installation is recommended for a house which has solid or hollow block walls. Once we receive the work sheet it is provided to our crew, who arrange an appointment with the homeowner to visit the property and commence the works. Prior to installing the insulated board, the exterior of the house has to be made ready and will be discussed with the client before works commence – removing fixtures, removing windows sills, etc,. Once these works have taken place the board are fitted to the house, and a mesh is fitted to strengthen the insulation. A base coat is applied, and finally the house is plastered to complete the works. the crew will record all materials used on the job.

SEAI will only recommend heating as a secondary measure to a home, and it will only be recommended when other installation works have been recommended. Once a works order has been received, the heating contractor will visit the home to see what works are required i.e if new radiators, TRVs’ oil tank etc are required. Once this has been completed , and discussed with the client, works can commence. A new heating system will be fitted in the home and its use will be discussed with the homeowner.

SEAI will only recommend windows as a secondary measure to a home and only if walls insulation is recommended. Windows are access on a window by window basis and this will be discussed with the client prior to their installation. Once the works order has been received the window contractor will go out and measure the windows to be installed. Upon completion of the window install the homeowner will be shown how to use and details of the maintenance of the windows will be left with them also.

Following the completion of all energy retrofit works on the applicants home a further appointment is organised by Midland Warmer Homes with the homeowner and one of our dedicated Quality Control officers is sent out. The objective of this quality inspection is to ensure all measures have been installed correctly and to the homeowner’s satisfaction. If in the event the QC officer finds a problem, then the records for that home are consulted and the installation crew responsible for that portion of the retrofit are dispatched to carry out remedial works, and re inspection takes place. The works are then signed off by the householder, the householder is provided with at this stage a Contractor Guarantee letter by which Midland Warmer Homes commits to guarantee the works carried out for a period of two years from the completion date. A BER substantiation record is also left with the householder which outlines for the KSN BER assessor the areas, dept of cavity and depth of insulation installed in the cavity. It also outlines the typical Lambda value λ(w/mK) – the value of the insulating capacity of product designed for thermal performance. The works are then closed off as complete on the dedicated SEAI Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme database portal, and may subsequently be selected by KSN for inspection and/or BER assessment.

BER Certificate is provided by the SEAI scheme managing agent KSN to provide a post works building energy rating assessment. The BER Cert is published by the BER assessor and provided to the homeowner is provided to Details of the measures installed in the home are logged on the SEAI BEWHS database as “install complete” The home is now ready for inspection and BER by the KSN, who carry out these functions on behalf of SEAI.

Free Home Insulation Service

The Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme is administered by SEAI to deliver energy efficiency upgrades in the homes of elderly and vulnerable sectors of Irish society. Its aim is to reduce energy poverty in Ireland by making homes more affordable to heat during the coldest months of the year. Midland Warmer Homes carries out these works for SEAI within the Midland. The aim is to make homes warmer, healthier, and cheaper to run. Warmer Homes Scheme measures are carried out at no cost to the homeowner, once their application and eligibility is processed by SEAI. To qualify for the Warmer Homes Scheme you must own a home built before 2006 and be in receipt of just ONE of the following allowances:

• Fuel Allowance as part of the National Fuel Scheme.

• Jobseekers Allowance for more than 6 months with a child under 7 years of age.

• Working Parent Family Payment.

• Single Parent Payment.

• Domiciliary Care Allowance.

• In receipt of Carers Allowance and live with the person you are caring for.


Only the allowances outlines above qualify for the Scheme. Please fill in the form and questions below and we will contact you upon receipt.

Application Form BEWHS

Please fill in the form and questions below and we will contact you upon receipt:

    Do you own your own home? YesNo
    Was your home constructed before 2006? YesNo
    Are you in receipt of one of the following?

    Fuel AllowanceJobseekers Allowance for more than 6 monthswith a child under 7 years of ageWorking Parent Family PaymentSingle Parent PaymentDomiciliary Care AllowanceIn Receipt of Carers Allowance and live with the person you are caring for.
    To complete this form, you must consent to your submitted data being collected, stored and used. I consent to my submitted data being collected, stored and used to contact me regarding this applicationto contact you regarding this application.


    You may be entitled to free cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home – saving you money and keeping you more comfortable.


    You may be entitled to free attic insulation. Attic insulation helps keep warm air from rising through the roof of your home – reducing your heating costs and making the indoor environment more comfortable throughout the year.


    Proper ventilation allows fresh air to enter your home without compromising heat loss. You may be entitled to free wall and roof ventilation along with cavity wall and attic insulation.